June 06, 2007

i'm an ass. a friend has a business and its not going too well, like, the opposite of well in fact. and i feel malicious pleasure over it sometimes. well, they're not really a 'friend' i guess thats why, just someone i know. i know a lot of people who run companies though, and only some can make it work. but this one, i think its because i always saw it would fail. i don't know the details, but i had a hunch, the product and ambitions they had(have) were just not very good or realistic and i don't think they studied the market enough to know what they were doing. i was not around when the company was set up so i don't get to say "i told u so!"...and my opinion was never asked in any case...which is fine, like i said were not really friends. why ask someone for an opinion anyway when u think you know everything. but its this stupidity i feel good about. its not even that my advice could do anything, that is not it, i could not do anything to help, but i could perhaps point out some issues if they had the brain to understand. i am not an entrepreneur person myself...but i know business and studied it out of sheer interest. whats slightly interesting for me is that F has the same degree as me, BBA. but even more interesting is that one of his ex's is a BBA as well.

anyway, today was another warm day, even warmer, 27C or so. out of sheer repetition we went to the park again. i woke up around the time F got out of work. i don't get it, i fell asleep after 3am...slept until 1:30, then got up for like an hour but had to go back to bed and sleep some more. for breakfast, since i don't even have bread here, we got pizza from the nearby joint and had drinks while waiting. i've never been an outdoors person and i still ain't, but i've changed just a bit it seems.

on my way home from the grocery store, a guy walked in front of me and turned towards my address. he had a Pantera t-shirt, grey (washed out black) jeans, boots and black long hair with roots showing and poor posture. i was hoping he wouldn't live in my building. but he did. why did i wish he didn't live here? it's the fuckin roots showing and the bearing, i can't stand it. nothing wrong with heavy metal and that, but why can't they fuckin dye the hair often enough if they must do it in teh first place. finnish guys are blondes usually so the roots will show in a couple weeks. which wouldn't be bad but these heavy metal guys, and goths too, often let it grow for like a fuckin month or two. it looks hideous! and the poor posture, why??? why do u have to look pathetic and weak when the music u listen to is masculine heroism and animalistic screaming/growling.

someone sent me an mp3 file (yes, song) as a .rar file. size of the .rar file was 6477 KB. extracted, the size was a whopping 6488 KB. was it worth making a rar-file??? last night i searched and listened to about 90 songs. it doesn't sound like much but when you start looking for them, wait to get it, listen and all that...it takes hours. all of the songs were based on the recommendations i have gotten in dA. and i usually acknowledge having listened to it and what i thought about it. i have maybe a 100 or 50 left right now.

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