June 15, 2007

i'm wondering how it affects the relationship if i switch jobs.

Jaska came over and we pretty much agreed to go to Asia together. i was thinking of not having any alcohol tonight but he had a cider for me and later we discussed drinks and he wouldn't try my Pina Colada drink unless i had one too and yea... one is enough when we're talking about MY drinks... its almost 4am and i should still dye my hair...:S

[4:25am] i was just about to start dyeing my hair, my hair wet and make up all over the place. i heard the newspaper delivery guy in the stairway. i opened the door as he was by my neighbors door and asked if it sucks when the mailslots are so fuckin low (like one feet from the ground) and if its hard for the back. he was a black guy, maybe 20 or so. a refugee for sure, its pretty much the only explanation for a black person delivering mail. anyway. he didn't seem to get me at all and then asked if i speak english, and weeell, as it happens, i do. so i explained myself in english and he admitted that the old fashioned mailslots suck. i also asked if all the buildings on this street are the same (regarding mail slots) or is it just this building. apparently they're all the same. he then asked me for a glass of water. odd, but well, i got him a glass of water. there was an uncomfortable silence. he asked me if we could meet. as usual, i wanted to be polite and gave a shitty excuse (long vacation starting tomorrow), and then wished him a good day and that was that. i came to the computer to tell Kev about the incident but soon my doorbell rang. he came to ask if he could have my phone number. this is where i resorted to another shitty excuse, and said my boyfriend would not like that. while thats true, it does leave out my initial opinion which is no fuckin way. he asked me again and i said its really not a good idea. he said he'd call me tomorrow and i said i am with my boyfriend tomorrow (retarded, naïve "conversation", is it not? i admit, yes, this is how life is). and so forth. he asked for my name. i missed his, but i didn't ask again. he repeated his request for the phone number and i repeated the thing about my bf not liking that. he then asked me if he could KISS me?! it took me a second to understand what he was really asking and i must've looked confused when i said no. he said 'please' and looked at me with a mix of a smile and desperation. i repeated no in a friendly manner, which is when he stepped in and put his hand around my waist. i leaned back and repeated no's and he gave up. i admit to saying " we don't do this around here", which is childish, i don't know why i resorted to that, i guess i just felt like he was SO out of line and i wanted to put him back to his place by any means possible. he stepped back out and perhaps gave me another desperate smile. i don't remember the end of it, maybe there was another 'please'. but then he left and i was relieved to close the door. so, all this because i felt talkative and wanted to exchange a few words with the newspaper guy. i could have given myself extra points for being friendly to an immigrant, but with this result i'm more like thinking i did something wrong. there are some serious cultural gaps between finns and foreigners here it seems.

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