June 14, 2007

turns out Don Johnson Big Band will be playing in Provinssirock, as the View cancelled. i didn't even know what the View is, and DJBB is one of my new fav bands so this suits me just perfect. now i should just be in a state where i'm able to go and actively watch a gig. if its not too late in the evening i think i can pull it off. as usual, i will do my best to not go overboard (5 on my scale) with the drinking.

something weird just happened. i was selling a pair of shoes, through huuto.net, and found a buyer etc. anyway i'd said they can come pick them up from me to save on postage. and so he did. he looked around and figured out i was a photographer and we got into talking about that stuff. the discussion went on and i felt like he was keen on sharing his interests, like his interest to fetishy stuff and things, and he discussed his preferences and all these, err, things. well its all good, i am open minded and don't blush easy and the topics are familiar anyway... its just that he was running the discussion so actively and perhaps interested in me? i don't know, it was somewhat odd. anyway he was here for about an hour and left now. and i have a lot of shit left to do tonight... nails, hair dye, the job proposition thing... a contract with the band i mentioned earlier, if i hear back from them...and just a lot of little things. and Jaska was coming over too. i think i need to wake up early AGAIN because theres some shopping and stuff to do for the trip. like 10am. hmm, this reminds me, i should probably pack stuff?? its one of those last minute things...

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