June 14, 2007

in the latest issue of Image (i cancelled the sub, this is probably the last one i get) there was a short mention of a bunny bar. in Vang Vieng village, Laos, on a sandbank in the middle of a river, there is a bar, where besides marijuana, there are bunnies available. yes, you pet them. no wonder some backpackers end up stuck there for months...petting bunnies. or maybe its the pot :( but me...i would stay there forever. just petting bunnies. oh dear. i so wanna go there. well, Jaska is coming over tonight and we'll discuss if we could travel in Asia together later this year. Laos would be next to Vietnam and i was thinking of that train trip there... oh boy. the bunnies would be *this* close. hmm, assuming Laos isn't very big. *wants bunnies*

i was reading the news about a dinosaur...something...nevermind, because what got my attention is that the skull or skeleton was found in the Gobi desert. i knew it exists...but i'd forgotten! i want to go there! this is not surprising, but i have no idea where it is :( luckily that does not stop a motivated traveler these days, you can always check from the internet! i'm guessing middle east tho. lets place the bets... 1 euro for middle-east (i could point out i don't know how middle-east is defined, but lets not get there)...any more bets? okay then google->. well its between mongolia and china... that so not middle-east :( it makes sense because the chinese found the dinosaur thing... i thought about it but couldn't really believe Gobi would be there. well, it could be fairly cheap to go to Gobi?

uh, i think too much of traveling and too little...other things.

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