June 14, 2007

what a day, and its only 2:30pm. i woke up excruciatingly early, to get to Lahti by 9. i talked with the CEO and marketing person of this company, of what i could do for them and what they are looking for and so forth. i guess thats called a "job interview"? sounds weird. i feel like i'm just being (willingly) sucked into an interesting project. but we'll have to see. if theres a job for me, i would have to work less in my current one, as in the end i would want to keep my 3days/week lifestyle. but momentarily i'm willing to give in a bit to be able to do both. i don't know if that is a enough though, this job would probably take quite a lot of time and effort...i'd just like to see how much i could do there, because this would be something i'm totally good at. not to mention i have been thinking of finding some new challenges... i should now draft up a plan of how and what i'd be doing, and how much time i can devote to that and a salary request naturally.

after Lahti i needed to go shopping some things but it turned out really tiring...i went to the pharmazy, with caffein #1 on my list but as soon as i got through the door i forgot it and shopped for things we need in Asia (some lactobacillus pills, liquid plaster...). half an hour later, after buying hairdye and forgetting where i was going, i remembered caffein again. and then had to find another pharmacy. and my own stupidity led me to stop in every fuckin corner and buy things, like this shirt

i don't regret buying the shirt, but i was tired, in a hurry, getting sweaty and dragging shopping bags around that were getting heavier and heavier... so why? also i got sushi take away and 2 A4 size boxes (when i saw them, i remembered i need some). if i understand correctly, Medix is the brand, and the text accompanied is their slogan? "picking up elements from various categories of life, we make something new". my first thought was; umm no, you're just making boxes. get real. but could be that is a philosophy referring to the customer, the people.

last night i was just about to fall asleep when the phone rang. i'd agreed a phone negoatiation with this band, or someone working for them, about using my photos for a couple albums. i don't mind setting up a meeting at any time of the day if it means business, but i would've tried to agree on a more humane time if it was easy enough. as my message about me living at +2hours UTC wasn't understood perhaps, and i didn't really expect so either i think, i just told them to call me afternoon their time because i could easily guess where they were. the guy gave me his phone number, and it didn't have a country prefix, which as a rule means the person is an american. i then gave my number and hoped they could figure it out. i might be sounding too condescending... but i don't mean it to offend anyone involved. its just how it went and we had a good talk anyway and reached an agreement i think. after which i could go back to bed.

last week i received this in the mail. Dimension F3H's Does the Pain Excite you? my photo, duh. i was very happy to do business with them, nice people and great communication.

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