June 14, 2007

yesterday, i didnt seem to grasp the fact that it was my last day at work before my first 1week+ summer vacation. So when i left work, i didnt even say bye to people in the manner usually done in such situations. A vacation i guess doesnt seem like such a big deal when you only work 3 days a week, sometimes with almost a week in between. Does it mean i dont appreciate the time off as much as others? in a way that could be, but then again i have given up things to have more time off in general, thats how much it means to me. and naturally i am lucky to be in a position where this is possible, sometimes even sacrifices dont enable such freedom. anyhow, i was just actually thinking of the vacationing thing... Were trying to drive to Lapland next week, with the RV. but we want to be back by midsummer. and we arent heading north until sunday evening after provinssirock, which then again is halfway to lapland so.. but it might not be enough time.

Greetings from the train, i managed to read Chomsky's Media Control on my way to Lahti. it was a lighter read than expected, i was nearly disappointed. but i have heavier material in my bookshelf if id just make myself grab them...

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