June 13, 2007

work is now just something in between holidays. a few days here and there. seems busy suddenly. fuck i forgot to call my mom yesterday. i always forget :(

they say that if you burn the skin (in the sun), you won't get a tan, permanent anyway. but this right here, one day in the sun and that was the result. and i STILL, a year later, have the tan line. a pretty fuckin distinctive one too...

wow, i was watching Voice, music video after a music video and recognized a Skid Row video from the first 2 seconds! and its not that i had seen the video a hundred times. in fact...i think i've never seen it. so, luck i guess. i just reognized Rachel Bolan i suppose. he gave me the idea of having a chain to go from my nose piercing to my earring. i thought it looked good on my 14 yr old face... (which it did sorta!).

U.S states renamed fo countries with similar GDB. check N.Y. state.

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