June 01, 2007

the party last night was alright. the arranged part not so much, we went to an amusement park and to a restaurant for dinner afterwards. we checked out a few things like the roller coaster and ferris wheel, but then went to the park restaurant for drinks. i won a princess tiara with lights in some game, and it does say 'princess' at the back of my neck so i guess it was fitting.

one of the bars we ended up in was (Royal Onnela)...interesting. downstairs they had a strong reindeer theme (even the drinks were called reindeer this and reindeer that), and the music was 80's and 90's techno and worse. Haddaway, Snap, Sabrina, XL5 and so forth. upstairs was a more conventional dance music place, and a 'finnish rock' section too where they played Apulanta, Leevi and the Leavings and remixes of Paula Koivuniemi songs and such.

generic sights from a finnish bar:

the after party was alright and i didn't drink too much, up to a 4 at max. and today i enjoyed myself by sleeping all the way until 4. if the weather tomorrow is sunny, F and i are going to a picnic, in Suomenlinna of course, a classic. this is something i recall thinking of back in february or so... that a picnic would be something i'd like to share with F. i just didn't see it happening for us really. but since then, a lot of unexpected things have happened.

i thought House season 3 ended last week but to my consolation there was one more episode left. quite an interesting ending for a season really. my favorites series by far. americas next top model finished too. and the ultimate fighter will finish in a couple weeks. what will i watch then?

my feet are full of blisters :(

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