June 03, 2007

picnic done. it was only 18C but in the right spot the sun was warming nicely. shots below. we had baquette, pâté, blue cheese, some salads, grilled chicken, 2 bottles of sparkling wine, cider and beer and strawberries and rasberries and vanilla sauce. enough for a dinner. and some reading. evening well spent.

i'm looking forward to seeing Tarantino's latest, its the one movie that makes me support those greedy bastard movie theaters by going there to see it. Rocky 4 was on tv last night... it was my fav of the series...Ivan Drago, the Russian Machine.."I must break you"...:D watching the Liddell vs Rampage 1, when they throw the towel in the ring for Liddell, makes u think Rocky should've thrown the towel in too. Apollo might still be alive if he had!

the skyline of helsinki is back there showing vaguely. the nice thing about summer is that the sun is still shining late in the evening, until 10pm or later. u don't maybe appreciate it unless its taken away from you. i try to appreciate things... whether its the weather, health, food or something else. like today. and i took tons of photos to remember this day by.

since i heard Sabrina in the bar the other night i had to download the hit 'boys'. it delivers me great joy. here's the video in youtube (her nipples are showing, now i understand all the fuss back in '87!). her album was one of the first i owned. i was around 7 or 8 then. explains something huh?

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