July 04, 2007

back home. fuck it took forever to get my luggage.which would have been hand luggage but because i shopped so much i had to put my backpack in handluagge and carry a fuckin plastic bah in hand luggage.. fuck. and it was SO expensive in London, i admit. fuckin drinks were like 12 euros in the karaoke place.

Johan, the swedish guy who just got out of the army, came over right after i got home and i got semi-drunk with him. he's good in a way that he likes my drinks. why bother drinking 15 beers when u can just have 1 or 2 jen-drinks and have the same effect. i make great fucken drinks.. and apparently in certain sentences u can hear a british accent, but mostly its american as usual... and i got a lot of comments for that.

mroe stuff tomorrow...*passes out and has work tomorrow*

oh thats me in a bathroom somewhere in england. i look so 'tough' wtf is up with that???

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