July 04, 2007

jesus, another drunken blog-entry *reads her babblings from last night*

anyway now i'm feeling brisk and lively and happy. even though i am at work. i am slightly disappointed that i drank so much more last night than i was planning to, its those jen-drinks that i mentioned...they *do* work. but anyway, todays a new day.

i'm disoriented for some reason, in the store i was confused for a sec as i wasn't sure which card i use to pay and at work...lets not even go there. the UK trip had a strong effect on me i think...its still in my mind and i keep thinking about the stuff there... its was really fuckin expensive... i spent way too much money on...i don't even know, just food and transportation and such.

London uses a similar travelcard for public transport as Helsinki area, but it is possibly even smarter. you don't have to know where you're going and what it costs as long as you have money in, once you get out of the tube and show the card to the reader it will deduct the right amount.

but back to 'expensive'. i always say that being a finn is nice because when you travel its always cheaper than at home, food and everything. and from my last experience in London i dont have such a recollection of 'fuckin expensive'. but this time, maybe because i had to use cash, it felt horrible. i have all these cards but i've lost the PIN-numbers and i couldn't pay with them because of that. one could point out that i bought a lot of clothes, but as funny as it sounds, they were mostly cheaper than drinking and eating. at Primark i got skirts for like 2 pounds (3euros) and when a pizza costs 15 euros, or all-you-can-eat chinese 9euros... i think its obvious my shopping wasn't the money-eater here.

on sunday i went to a hostel for the remaining 2 nights, as Susanna had a limited number of keys to her home and she and Marianne were going to work on monday. i'd actually never experienced a hostel before, everywhere in the world i have managed to find a cheap enough hotel. i was a bit skeptical about it at first, and surely it had it downsides like the obvious lack of privacy and interrupted sleep when people came in late or got up early. but people who stay in hostels are more sociable than others i guess, and immediately i met a lot of people. no new best friends or anything, but i just like getting t know someone new and finding out what theyre like and such... there were people from all over the world, one was doing a work experience period (for like a month!) and a german girl was actually workingin the hostel, i suppose she got to stay there for free. but she'd been there since like february... i can't imagine living in a hostel that long, altho u must get used to it but to have the people in your room change every day and not having a table or a chair not to mention anything else. the hostel was in general really nice tho, they had decent livingroom and kitchen area, photo below. and the staff was great. they screwed up something with my room, i had to switch rooms for the 2nd night ad i got free ciders. it was in the middle of nowhere tho, sort of. the only cheap drinks in London were in a pub nearby. it was old, with middle aged regulars sitting there with their beers... kind of sleezy, but shots only cost 1.70 (2.3euros) so i walked in, had quite a few of those at the bar, as a nightcap, and then walked back to the hostel and fell asleep like a baby.

Journey's hostel waterloo. reception, internet, tv, billiard table etc in the photo

the room i was in on monday. empty at 9pm. i got bean salad and Häagen-Dazs ice cream from the shop and sat there on the only stool of the room and wondered...

on Saturday, the after party at Susanna's place. this is the fatal night i was forced to sing. luckily, Susanna works in the mental health industry ("community mental health nurse"), she takes care of psychos and other crazy people:) so help was near.

trendy japanese restaurant. 6.95 for my noodles, local currency.


Jamie whom i met again on monday for coffee.

i also met sixspaarns from dA on monday and we spent a good few hours strolling around in soho and oxford street. even got a set of scented candles from her! a great example of a random meeting with a person previously unknown to me, had a great time and made a new 'friend'.

despite using every penny of my cash funds, i think the trip was a success in the sense that
-i did some good shopping
-i met a lot of new cool people, at the party and hostel and whatever i set up myself
-i experienced London for the 2nd time whichi'd been hoping to do for a while
-i got to eat fish & chips

my shirt smells like cigarette smoke as last friday smoking was still alloed in UK. the ban came in effect on sunday the 1st. the weather was typically british, it rained every day i think, more or less. and it was about 17 to 22C. i didn't mind that much, but when i got back home and it was like 24C and sunny, i really appreciated being home.

oh my my co-worker graciously took my shift for tomorrow. thank god. and another fellow worker took my friday's shift. so i get some space to breath and settle down, do some self-maintenance and work on the customer care project of my new job. not to mention spend more time with F, i missed him so bad during the trip and we only got to spend a little time together yesterday when he picked me up from the airport. we chilled out at my place together with him and Johan but some quality time together would be great... tonight he'll cook me some vegetarian food. i missed his cookings too, a lot.

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