July 05, 2007

thursday morning(=1:29pm), finally home and alone.

called my mom and avoided a major argument, for once.

this is my first week without the landline phone. i'm not sure if i feel lonely or cut off... here's the phone before i took it to the trash bin. it served me for about 8 years. the long cord is so i could walk around the apt whilst talking.

at work yesterday. suddenly my desk was a mess again. one of the new guys (who goes on blind dates like every day, sometimes several) dropped me some popcorns when walking by. he speaks swahili, lived in africa. i got the small clear make up bag from Susanna, its great for my purse altho not everything seems to fit in after all...

and yesterday i surprised F. i had a notice from the post office to go pick up a package, and i knew what it contained. so i went before work. then txt'd F to meet me before my shift starts and i took him to hang around at my desk. he noticed the package with mailing labels and i casually asked if he could open it for me. he did, and found Everlast t-shirt hoodie inside, and looked at it not getting it at all. i commented that it seems a little big for me... because its for you, DUH!!! :) i think it fits well, he seems happy with it too :)

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