July 10, 2007

Cristo Redento in Brazil is now one of the 7 wonders of the world. all the more reason to go see it?

i'm almost done packing. everything is still sweet and cute and beautiful, as neither yet has a diarrhea-vomiting-fever-disease which most travelers to India get...

video player with headphones splitter - check
passport - check
sunglasses - check
make up - check
sunscreen - check
flip flops - check
t-shirts -check
skirts - check
shitloads of medicine - check
cleaning wipes - check

i was thinking of taking a very light hoodie just in case...but if the lowest estimated night temperature is from 23 to 26C... the only place i think i'll need one in is the airplane. and they have blankets.

everyone is reminding me that you must drink lots of water in the heat. "l-o-t-s o-f w-a-t-e-r !!"... "it is utmost important" "you might not notice you are thirsty..." "i really mean it, remember to drink water" YES i will! and if i dont, i'll FUCKIN DIE.

i'll be back on the evening of the 23rd - unless i die of dehydration.

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