July 09, 2007

found a site that automatically grabs links from IRC. i don't know how long the content stays there but heres some anyway.

i was considerate and left out beastiality, dead bodies and pee/poo stuff... [porn warnings in brackets. more consideration on my behalf!]

"magazine fashion" i admit this surprised and disturbed me a bit. the site really exists too, here. i'd rather not have websites like this around.
girls just wanna have fun. [porn warning!]
spoiler [porn warning!]
404 error
my personal comment: oh no...
not me! thank god

oh wow, i have just spent like 2 hours looking at hotels. maps, google maps, traveler experiences, comparisons, details, hotel photos, traveler candid photos, rates and the list goes on... the word is that Kuala Lumpur has the cheapest 5-start hotels in the world. what can we do expect share a night in one of those suites? anyway there are several 5's in KL, i just had to handpick the right one. and the winner is...
Shangri-La Hotel.
tripadvisor page/customer reviews
apparently the most elegant around, with the best customer reviews and best location, i picked the horizon room. i'm sure we'll fit right in with out backpacks... hehe. and from there, we'll go back to the gutter, a hostel or something, the original plan.

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