July 09, 2007

Marianne tagged me! meme coming up! not an easy one though, "8 things about me that you'd never dream of knowing"?? whatever thats supposed to mean...weird.

but so anyway heres 8 things, regardless of whether anyone dreamed of knowing them.

1. no matter how much i like a movie, i remember barely any details about them later on, or scenes or names of characters... i just remember how i liked it and why, pretty much.
2. i hate doing my artificial nails *grinds her teeth because they have to be done tonight*
3. my boyfriend is so considerate and thoughtful he downloaded us the kind of porn he knew I like
4. i was born in Vienna, (my parents are finnish)
5. i have 3 pairs of scissors. 1 pair is pretty cheap, they're in the kitchen, i use them for anything common. 2nd is good quality Fiskars scissors and i use them for paper and things of medium importance, nothing too dirty. and the 3rd pair is fancy, only for like hair or fabric or such.
6. i have studied latin (volunteerly, for a year in 2001 or so)
7. no matter how boring and touristy, grand canyon is one of the most impressive places i've ever seen
8. my kitchen cupboards are full of ingredients like honey, baking powder, tea, icing sugar, special oils etc. etc. which i *never* use (i don't cook or bake, and if i ever cooked, i didn't use any of the stuff in the cupboards).

we have a 1/2 yr anniversary during the trip. a while ago i remembered that couples tend to celebrate these sort of meaningless anniversaries so i want to, too. i looked at my calendar and did a lot of thinking and decided that we started dating january 17th. it wasn't really dating at first but anyway, thats when it began. i'd been seeing him and stuff, and then quit seeing him, and that night we got off work the same time and decided to go for a beer. and there we decided to start seeing each other more steadily and see what happens.

its not just a bad day. nice attitude.

tomorrow is a traveling day! 14 days in Asia.

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