July 19, 2007

found an internet!

we decided to stay another day in the paradise. now 'paradise plus' thanks to the internet connection.

when you need painkillers to sleep, as the burned skin is hurting so bad, you know you've really fucked it up. i bathed in the sunscreen today but still doubt if ill show myself at the beach today. its only about 50 meters from me so the temptation is there. and what else is there to do here anyway? as i sit here sweating, i think of the sea water too.... it was so warm but nicely refreshing. but wouldnt it be like salt on my skin, literally?

last night when i couldnt sleep and was bored i ended up surfing the net from my phone. just email and such, useless things... but i thought it was ironic. shouldnt i have other things to think about when here?

the air conditioning thing then. every place has an air conditioning, for obvious reasons. it is also fuckin loud, for less obvious reasons. maybe the cheap stuff is loud? anyway, and they always have it set to the max. so that its like fuckin 18-21c inside. thats a 10 degree difference between out and in. after coming inside with your tshirt stuck to the sweaty skin, it doesnt feel all that awesome to have the cool breeze blow on it. i know the locals dont sweat as much but still, are they really enjoying the cold either? in hotel rooms, the air conditioners have supposedly sliders where you can change the temperature from, but those are just for fun, they dont work. so either its too hot or too cold in a room. im used to a room, be it grocery store or my home, being more like 23-24c. all year around. i know it doesnt seem like a big difference, from 20 to 23 or something, but i swear it is, and my point is that is has a huge difference to the outside air, is that even healthy?? i think these people just like to know what 'cool' feels like. lets send them to finland for week. no make it sweden, swedes are so nice and friendly, they like foreigners better too.

our hotel room has cockroaches and mosquitos and the water runs if Allah permits it to. so quite the experience i wanted to find in asia :) its not too bad after all, its the air conditioning that makes life difficult.

tomorrow we have to head back to the city. first go to the other side of the island with a pink cab (most things here seem to be pink!), then take a ferry to Lumut which is on the mainland and from there hopefully catch a bus to Kuala Lumpur. the bus ride is about 3.5 hours, and you better put jeans and a longsleeved shirt on because the air conditioning... but the bus is something finns could learn from. i'm sure its not very effective, but the seats are like half seats half couches with a feet-flap, very big and so its comfy to sleep in.

in KL we need to find another cheap hotel for the night. on saturday Anna and his bf said theyd show us outside the city, some historical places or such... our flight leaves at around midnight to Bombay. we'll spend the sunday there and fly back to Helsinki on monday. the Kuala Lumpur airport btw, i was like wow upon seeing it. and i dont think im easily impressed by airports, theyre mostly all the same. i was not surpised at all to see they won the Best Airport In The World award in 2005 (class 5-15mill passengers/yr). it is very logical, clean, easy to figure out, modern and has lots of shops and restaurants. not too crowded. i hope my positive experience will be repeated on teh way back. Bombay airport was like the opposite. it does resemble an airport quite a lot, has check-in counters and stuff, but signs of where to go and all services are missing. well not all, we found a snack bar and you will see photos of it later. the roof is hanging down here and there, its a mess, but oh well. across the lanes you can see a tiny fence right next to it which is where the slum starts. only meters away from where the planes land/take off from. the airport was very quiet and empty too, i guess the 17mill people living in the city/slum dont really get to travel and as i might or might not have said earlier, there are very few tourists in the city.

once i get home i will do some research on India and Malaysia though. they live remotely near to each other but are sooo different. sure they are different size, maybe different natural resources, different religion for sure...both were under the british ruling until like the 50ies. but still, im curious about especially how Malaysia has worked things out for itself.

im happy i got my island-experience after all.

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