July 18, 2007

The malaysian sun proved to be effective. F burned himself which is like a hobby of his, BUT i burned myself as well, all over. I got burned bikini lines, top and bottom, and i wasnt wearing make up so my face has the same trendy pink tone as well... Stupid tourists :) we didnt lay very long on the white sand, so i think this happened when we were in the water. Its been about 20 yrs since i last swam in an ocean. The water is warm and clean, the rainforesty nature like in Bond movies and its fairly quiet here. Its the island of Pangkor, village called Nipah. Maybe 50 to 100 inhabitants. And a couple tourist, its not the season now, as its mostly locals that come here. Anna (Subterfugemalaises in dA), who was showing us around in KL, tipped us on this paradise island. Today afternoon and evening though, when the village lost electricity and hence there was no shower or air conditioning... we reconsidered our satisfaction level. But to be honest, this was something we were looking for, a bit of reality of some sort, some change... Away from the civilization, healthy and in a beautiful place with some banana/coconut pastry, we found ourselves quite happy. After finding the one restaurant working in candlelight, offering 2 kinds of dishes, we were ready to fall asleep and sweat our ass off in the heat, but the electricity went back on just then. Lucky us. I dont know if we will stay here another day and night, it is idyllic but... Not a lot of booze here (the other of the 2 shops has a few overpriced bottles) and once we are already burned, well... so we will see. But i have to make clear we havent been drinking much on this trip, not that it depended on us but nevertheless. Especially in malaysia they make sure alcohol is very hard to get, muslim country u know. For some reason i am starting to miss the internet too, i dont tend to have that problem on vacations. Suppose thats what drives me to blog from my phone too.

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