July 16, 2007

Just noticed its past midnight which means today is our 6month anniversary. Some day i want to have a huge bed like this. And huge fucken pillows. Even if i dont even like them so much. A view of the Petronas towers would be nice too but that might be too much to ask. KL is a nice city really, but i wouldnt move here. Mainly because altho very western in many aspects, it is just way too far... (asia) and the weather (too hot) is unbearable in the long run. On a trip like this the heat is fine, i sweat like a pig but that is exotic. The people are very friendly too, i appreciate it. What i hadnt considered is that in asia the cultures and religions are so conservative, that revealing your knees or arms or cleavage can be impolite or look very hookerish. Interesting for countries with an average of 30C temperature... To see religion as such an important part of the culture is odd altogether, hard to understand these ppl are serious about it. I didnt mean that in the offensive sense. Anyway more later.

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