July 23, 2007

hoooo-ome :)

and the water heater in the building is broken. so my fantasies of a hot shower in my own private bathroom are crashed. ill go use someone elses shower. booked an appointment to a hairdresser too on my way home since its right downstairs, ill get my hair cut tomorrow.

boy am i glad to be home, but the trip was good. i am used to the fact that my home is messy and not very clean, but right not it does feel pretty damn nice, no sand or other shit to stick on my feet, and not too hot to make me sweat. and NO sound of an air conditioner either, just the traffic from the street, which is nothing. and nice clean sheets in the soft bed... oi oi. i am sleep deprived but cant leave the computer yet.

my white skin is now gone for good. if i stayed out of the sun, i wonder if it would take 1 or 2 yrs to get the porcelain tone back? i chose to let myself get tanned but feel melancholic anyway. i know its the dyed black hair too, but on the plane today the Finnair stewardess assumed me non-finnish and addressed me in english first :(

*starts uploading photos on Flickr*

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