July 23, 2007

still havent managed to go to bed. it would feel kind of revolting too, a shower would be really nice but with the freezing water...

i finished uploading the trip photos on Flickr, here.

as this photo shows, we got rings. not engagement though, mind you...just like relationship rings. cute stuff etc. my ring is like net, so its kinda soft. both stainless steel.

my friend Tony then...he got married. he went to Thailand in i think late May or something and met this this girl there. and yea, this is the result.

F's israeli friend Avner is visiting Finland and i just called F and they're already sitting somewhere having a beer. i look forward to meeting Avner too since ive heard so much about him. tomorrow probably.

Spout. a movie community thingy. i have yet to figure how it could be useful but i am hopeful.

so am i gonna go have a freezing shower now? i'll show off my new phone pouch anyway, soft fake(?) leather, its so pretty and cute. from Kuala Lumpur.

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