July 24, 2007

off to the hairdresser soon. i slept for like 10+ hours, very nice.

in India, getting vegetables and fruits for cooking, even for the wealthy, is about running from one street seller to another, and you might need to travel to the other side of the city to get something specific. it is odd to think that grocery stores are not that common of a thing. i took this photo for Simul yesterday of my downstairs little shop. its a small shop, mind you, but whatever, its gets the idea across.

the skin on my shoulders and back is peeling. you could say it looks kinda gross. the peeling layer is like brown and the skin underneath pinkish, lighter. it looks gross i guess, all the scrambled skin, i just feel bad i cant rip it off, except for the shoulders. the arms will peel off later, probably because they got re-burned a few times...

after the hairdresser ill go to F's and so forth, hopefully get a warm shower among other things, but tomorrow i hope to start getting my life back in order. clean up, start writing about the trip or whatever i found interesting enough and so forth. and i REALLY hope i got get my act together and set up a photoshoot of some kind soon. in India, i got to shoot Simul's friend, Neil, as she came up with the idea that he would fit in my photo series of Foreign Men. well he certainly did. i borrowed her camera and had to work with natural light, and had like 10minutes due to schedule problems....but i think something may have come out of that. very thoughtful of her to suggest him to me, when the photographer is braindead and lazy its good someone else makes sure she gets something to shoot.

*listening to Roy Orbison: Life Fades away*

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