July 25, 2007

i have been home for almost 2 hours and spent a great part of the time looking for the pink phone pouch which i introduced on monday (not the phone, just the pouch). i went through laundry and what not. it was under an address-book thingy on the table, between the keyboard and the screen. i.e. a couple inches away from my fingers when i was typing. do i feel like an idiot?

while looking for the pouch, i ran into the laptop i received yesterday. my newjob-laptop, i just didnt even have the time to open the case yesterday. so now i did and turned it on and then continued my search... now that my pink pouch is safely in my sight, i guess i can take a look at the computer later. 14" screen was much bigger than i expected. i have never owned a laptop for...why would i? i am always home, which is so small i cant think of using the computer anywhere else anyway, and need a 22" or whatever inch screen for working on photos. which reminds me, i havent really done any of that in almost a year. i know, i think i mentioned it on monday as well. since India i have given photography some thought again... but i shouldnt get ahead of myself here.

so i met Avner, very nice open minded jovial smart person. we went to see Rodriquez's Planet Terror today. which i think Avner wasn't so fond of, F sort of liked it i think and i loved it of course. Tarantino and him do exactly the kind of stuff i like, visual, fun, smart and i like the women in their flicks. the movies are sex/violence orientated but i dont think women play their usual part, not even in the typical female hero form, they are above that, and still human. in other words i find the movies less chauvinistic than most, the women are inspiring.

coincidentally i just noticed my winamp was playing 'Bourbon Street', and i saw the trailer for a Hurriganes movie today. a must see i guess! [music here].

now i feel like cleaning up a bit, organizing my table and checking out the laptop, maybe cleaning up my actual computer desktop etc...

and i suddenly realized Marianne got married while i was in Asia! i remembered it on the day of the wedding but after that just now when i read her blog. her wedding was everything else but sudden (unlike Tony's), but nevertheless i feel like i suddenly have 2 married friends :S does that mean i am getting old??
in any case, i was sad i couldnt make it to the wedding, the hen night in London was a pleasure to attend to. i wish her and Stu much happiness.

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