July 07, 2007

this photo is nice:

warm and intimate, but fetishy. old fashioned but always current.

what about THIS photo then... err. interesting crime scene. but i find the breasts and their shape even more interesting, is there something odd there or is it just me?

i was wondering... the way it goes is that a the chick says she's too fat or something along those lines. and then the guy says something like "no you're just perfect/you're fine/you're beautiful/etc". i think the classic is that they deny what she said; "NO you're not", and then continue possibly with "you're just right". but at what point is denial not appropriate anymore... how much does she have to weigh? when should he say "you're curvy, and i like you this way"? when she's 10 kilos overweight? 20?

i don't feel like going to work tomorrow but i should be grateful i only have 2 shifts this week because my nice workmates took 2 of them... and then i have a vacation starting after all.

i made a find in the UK, Nair's hair removal spray. i was skeptical because the creams and stuff that i've tried have all been too time consuming and complicated but this spray is actually pretty good :) in the long run, an eplilator is best but sometimes theres no time or you're lazy.

and i finally resolved my foundation problem. i bought a MAC foundation in one shade darker from the airport. so, now i got at least one that is definitely the right shade. i can use several others but i really wanted a new one that i felt confident with. does that make sense?

and now... i finally got to work and got some done and noticed that its soon my time to wake up to go to the other work... in 45minutes to be exact. blah.

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