August 02, 2007

7 hours of work. i did stuff to the website mostly, help & support section etc...the things that relate to customers. i seemed to be easily agitated and Arttu suffered from it. but im sure he wasnt surprised, my bad temper is nothing new.

i spent 2 hours at home moving my CDs/DVDs to these sleeve storage boxes. i just wanted to get rid of one IKEA shelf. and to have the discs in better order. easy to browse etc. and i threw away a lot of music CDs, and still i have too many. it feels stupid to just throw good stuff away but i dont listen to CDs anymore, why store them, i already have enough stuff collecting dust... Arttu gave up CDs years ago, in 2001 i think. thats admirable. considering i still have about a 50 or so, emotional value etc reasons. ive never been fast at changing i guess.

i also went through the espoo ciné selection and it came down to the following list:
Annie Leibovitz: Life Through a Lens Annie...
AzulOscuroCasiNegro - DarkBlueAlmostBlack drama, relationships
Gadkije lebedi - The Ugly Swans russian thriller
Les Témoins - The Witnesses drama of when AIDS arrived in '84
Hvordan vi slipper af med de andre - How to Get Rid of the Others political satire of racism etc.
Itty Bitty Titty Committee girl movie...
No Body is Perfect body mods and transsexuals
The Picture of Dorian Gray we've all heard this story...
DoodEind - DeadEnd dutch horror!
Venus Drowning psychedelic fantasy, said to be a Loach meets Cronenberg type of film..:P
Princess big bad porn industry. no, seriously bad. and big.
Zibahkhana - Hell's Ground first Pakistanian gore movie, in the lines of Hill Have Eyes i think
Crónica de una fuga - Buenos Aires 1977 the dark and harsh (recent) history of Argentina
La Noche de los girasoles - Angosto depressive thriller tragedy
Izgnanije - The Banishment a dramatic story of a family
Paranoid Park a Gus Van Sant movie, nuff said
Kráska v nesnázích - Beauty in Trouble Czech comedy of sex and crime
Invisibles a set of documentaries of the less happy destinies of the children in this world
The Secret Life Of Words Tim Robbins. interesting mainstream drama i could catch elsewhere i guess.

theres a few overlaps there so i have to make decisions...:( but it looks like i have everything covered, almost every continent and from fantasy to the reality which is worse than the creepiest horror flick. why am i always drawn to the sad, the ill, the dead?

*listening to This Mortal Coil: Song to the Siren* a youtube video for it. oh and someone made a youtube video where its a soundtrack more like. interesting, the theme is love (or making it), but when i listen to it, the thing that comes on top is death. but yes, there is love too, sure.

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