August 01, 2007

*is eating sushi from yesterday as lunch*

F got a Nokia N93 yesterday. i supported the purchase because of the good video shooting qualities(and because i hated the old phone!), hes been thinking of getting into that. however i hadnt considered the consequences, which was him shooting the effects of my excessive wasabi use. when the burning sensation reaches my nose and i rub it frantically, tears filling my eyes, i always think of Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction after snorting cocaine.

i seem to have booked the week full. but hell, i knew this busy period was coming. i need to work on the customer care plan today and tomorrow, a lot. the good side is i get to spend time with Arttu, hes involved in the project/company and this is something i need to do with him. on friday and sunday i have my call center job. Tony had accidentally double booked himself for saturday and asked if i wanna do the other shoot. it is a WEDDING, but only a portrait (not studio) of the couple and with relatives. so, 30 to 45mins max with everything included. i wasnt sure if i'd want to do something like that, and i'm not broke right now, but then i figured id feel better if i did something. and i could for instance shop a bit with a good conscience. i need new pillows at least, i am usually too stingy to buy good ones but this could be my opportunity, 2 pillows for a tiny wedding portrait?

i received the Espoo Cine program yesterday in mail. awesome. *off to check out the selection*

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