July 31, 2007

last night i managed to do a lot of tiny photo-related things. mainly for my website, but also arrange some folders... i'd forgotten a lot of things. a lot of shoots. and i feel slightly inspired.

we discussed Osho's 'commune' with Simul in India, and with Avner just last week, and i said i have a slight recollection of Osho, as if i had heard of him before. and last night i understood why. i have merely shot a photo for these guys. it was related to a book of theirs. the photo i cant believe i forget things like that.

anyway, so i updated the website a bit. like my age and something. put up this in the 'commission work' section. cover for Åke Edvardson's Frozen Tracks.

they wanted something pretty desolate, according to the mood in the book. i actually find his books have a lot in common with Beck. a swedish thing? anyway i froze my ass off, but it was worth it, both me and the publisher liked the stuff.

and a hungarian book publisher has found it appropriate to violate copyrights. they use and abuse my photo for their print of Anne Rice's The tail of the body thief. fuckin great. they colored Tomi's eyes red, then. nice job. i swear one of these days i'll have a lawyer kick the ass of these idiots. well i'm now taking the right to show off "their" book cover.

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