August 23, 2007

F put my lamps up. i suppose they are suitable for what they were designed for. the livingroom one is a bit hard to adjust to, as the previous lamp was so different, but ill have to let it sink in... it already feels better than the other night when F installed it. i still find it slightly amusing that out of the 3 ceiling lamps i got, i wanted to change the 2 that were unbroken, unlike my kitchen lamp. which looks artistic as broken. now, am i finally happy with my lamps? no. i want another light by my bed, a dim one, for reading and what not. the halogens nearby are a bit harsh and i cannot reach the switch from the bed.

living room


got this shirt from Kuala Lumpur, one of my new favorites.

next week F is on vacation, and going to Portugal, where theres a wedding on saturday. i have Tony's wedding congregation to go to on Saturday too. and another friend has her 30th b-day the same night and i promised i would go there as well. she is closer to F so its perhaps odd to go alone.

tonight i went to see 2 films; Venus Drowning and Princess. Arttu had decided to join me for the first one and i talked him over to seeing the 2nd as well. turns out he only liked Venus, and i only liked Princess. Venus Drowning was simply speaking in a language i dont understand, so absurd and symbolic, i suppose. i totally didnt get it, seemed like utter crap to me. the movie had a lesbian taste to it, and the main character reminded me of an ex-boss of mine who was a lesbian. that itself doesnt mean much i guess but the movie just felt fucked. Princess felt realistic and the pet bunny was the best, she would deserve her own movie. while there, we also met an old co-wroked and friend of Arttu's, he was there with his sister to see Princess. turns out, he had picked the movie out from my blog when i listed my favorites from the espoo cine program. and he liked the movie, so i was quite glad (even if everyone is responsible for their own picks, u know).

i have a photoshoot set up for friday. i am stressed and happy both. its some canadian girl, just visiting here for some reason...wrote me some time ago if id be interested in shooting her if shed come over.

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