August 23, 2007

i would have to admit that im in a pretty good mood. i slept well, finally, and after the launch of the website, things in that front have been less stressful. i will work on the site today, but now that it basically looks nice and works well, i feel pretty good about it. i really hope it will turn out a success and the site will grow, and that my work will continue to be fun... yesterday we had a project finishing meeting or afterparty of some sort, amongst everyone involved in the thing. so i met a lot of people i havent met before, and liked most of them :) which might or might not be unusual of me. i had to leave a bit early tho, because of the movie festival...

while in Lahti, i ended up seeing a couple minutes of the rehearsal of Lahti Symphony Orchestra, they were playing Queen.

the espoo cine movies last night were from so-so to good.
Les Temoins was the so-so one. a bit long, not very touching... i just didnt get much out of it. someone died of the new-found odd disease (HIV) and others were worried.
How to get rid of the others was the GOOD one. satirical, sharp and funny...i think it describes what the world is becoming into. then again, the world is what its people make of it, so i always wonder how these grotesque images really just describe us humans, in certain conditions and time and space, but nevertheless.
No Body is Perfect was really just so-so as well, i didnt feel like it was waste of time because the subject matter was interesting, but i think that i wasnt the perfect target audience. this documentary would be a great "Fetishes and body modification for Dummies"-thing. it starts with the easy stuff and goes all the way to the hard core end of things. nothing i hadnt seen before. made me miss the times i photographed though, i feel comfortable with these topics and people.

Espoo Cultural Centre, from the back. ive always liked the shallow pool of water there.

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