August 21, 2007

the mailman woke up me up first. pushing all these packages through the mail slot. my washing gloves! when did i write about them, it feels like it was less than a week ago? and i said it would take a week or more. wow, this was neat, me happy.

in addition i received my thisrthell-shirts :)

Marianne's wedding thank you-card arrived too, not that i expected it because i couldnt make it to the wedding. and this was a sad reminder of it.

and then i got a bill from the Helsinki Health Services Department, specifically from the psychiatric section. 10 euros for a doctor visit. i was sleepy and went back to bed, but couldnt fall asleep thinking that ive been to a doctor, possibly a psychiatric, lately, without remembering it. it bugged me so much i had to go back see the details. turns out, the invoice was for my neighbor instead. a relief, i was getting panicky for a moment there...

later, Simul woke me up, listing what she needs from me for the visa application. a letter of invitation and a copy of my passport to prove i exist, i guess. she's got tickets for Finnair flights now, so... i hope the application passes.

tomorrow is the project wrap up party at the website work. in Lahti as usual. i have to get back semi-early and miss all the good stuff tho because i have movies to go to in the evening. tonight i have someone pick up a CD shelf i sold in and then... we'll try to have a nice evening with F.

*listening to Elvis Presley* fuckin awesome, hes great -suspicious minds live in youtube

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