August 27, 2007

found this in dA;

totally amusing. i think i had that read on my jacket, back in 1994 or whatever. but the A, i certainly had that all over the place. that was then, i grew up with the sort of 2nd wave of punk in finland, Apulanta and Karkkiautomaatti. i listened to Sex Pistols and the Ramones as well, but i think i saw the side which i wanted to see. and i dont think i really thought of it all very politically.not that i couldnt have, but i was 13, 14, 15... and i just didn't. i associated punk with my search of independence and freedom, rebellion against conservatism...formality and tradition. and expectations. now, i actually have a book on my table called Anarchism, but only because i want to hear how they describe it.

today the mail brought me James Bond and Philosophy as well as Flesh Wounds- the culture of plastic surgery. i started reading the latter in the tram on my way to work and it seemed very insightful. too bad work is a bit too busy to read right now.

i had a meeting with my boss, just to go through recent changes in products and services, i havent been able to attend the team meetings so i was clueless about some things... but while there, i got to seriously vent. i have been frustrated here lately and it doesnt look like the feeling is going anywhere. then again im such a pessimist that to me it never looks like anything is going anywhere, yet it does occasionally happen. i think maybe the 'lifespan' of this job is just nearing the end, for me. today in general has been fine and easy, but the overall feeling i have when thinking of this, or coming back on friday, next month... i feel somewhat anxious. ill just have to hang in here and see what happens. i just hate being in the middle of something, in process, uncertain.

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