August 26, 2007

alright. weekend done and over with. we missed the last movie because after IKEA and dinner at Chico's we were tired and russian high culture just didnt seem like the thing we wanted to see next... i wanted to get to my refurnishing project. now, my home is almost done, just some sliiight minor adjustment needed. now, i feel pretty relaxed and once we installed the ministereo too, i am listening to grooveFM. i am not a big fan of radio at all, and this is not my fav station either, but right now it works. webcast here.

wardrobe finally done. with handles and all. i am quite happy with the simplistic look of it.

i got this noticeboard on an impulsive, i can just write stuff on it and wipe off. very pretty (KLUDD).its dim transparent glass, but this was like the only place it fit, and i didnt feel like moving the poster, so i put the poster underneath. i hope i will keep this set up for a while because the poster got somewhat destroyed, it didnt fit as a whole. its by the same artist as the 7 sins series i have. i am missing 1 or 2 of them still.

Vanity from the 7 sins. i think this sin fits above my make up table.... the rest of them are just all over the place. Sloth could be nearby the bed i guess? i was thinking of a black frame but once i saw the pink one *shrugs* very cheap btw, i recommend. i fuckin hate frames so i dont like spending much on them. i only use them with persistent motherfuckers like this, it wouldnt stay on the wall with tape longer than like 3 weeks. it would slowly come off and drop. i think a poster, whether art or whatever, is osten best as it is, just attached to the plain wall.

and now the perfumes are on the other side, the shelves attached to the new bookshelf with doors-thing. i cant belive how they supposedly fit on the shelves before. i should throw something away its too cluttered :(

now my bunnies have simple frames too, just a glass on top really. they were jumpy and trying to get off my wall. family portraits, important.

i got nice brushed metal hooks and used 2-sided tape to attach them, instead of ruining some more wall and my new wardrobe. so just to hang my most used/bigger necklaces. easy access is important, i am always in such a hurry and dont even remember what i have, the options have to be rigt there. and this goes for everything else as well.

i finally put my trainspotting poster back up. but this time in kitchen. ive had it for like 10 yrs and it looks like it too, i dunno if it was ever as white as the backround but nevertheless... F has one of these posters too, i guess Trainspotting is just one of the symbols for our generation. ah, then theres Rammstein underneath; "denn du bist, was du isst." a good reminder to have in the kitchen, but it doesnt change my eating habits at all.

now im totally exhausted. long day. need to sleep - again. work tomorrow, and friday. in between ill do something for the website project i am sure but theres no major stress right now. parties on saturday. i will hopefully spend the week well, F is away and therefor i have plenty of time for myself. maybe ill just write it down on my new noticeboard; "make it a good week!" :) F already wrote his greetings which i just noticed; "be very sweet to F!"

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