August 25, 2007

there was no way i was going to IKEA today, i had to sleep for once. while waiting for the gourmet breakfast i get to check my mail and then we have to get going, the movie is at 6.

last nights movies were 28 weeks later and Zibahkhana. (small spoilers warning). the first was a follow up to 28 days later which i liked a lot. 28 weeks later was no disappointment, a bigger budget, too, i suspect. it was very hollywood in many ways. what i liked most was that it was all over well done, good acting, somewhat credible characters, good visuals (blooood! lol) and a reasonable plot. entertaining and all :) and long after the movie i was still thinking about it, what something meant or so. what i didn't like was a few illogicalities, like how the bad guy was always where its preys where, without apparently following them, and so forth. but mostly i was disturbed when the movie presented one of the main characters as morally wrong, when in a situation where his wife was cornered by the enraged zombies, he chose to run away himself. the way i saw it, is that he could not have saved her, so either they were both gonna die or only she was. they had 2 kids who were most likely safe and well, so for one parent to try stay alive would make sense. so, he left his wife to be killed and ran away and eventually was re-united with the kids. but, the moral of the story was that he was to turn out bad, to pay for his wrong doing i guess. and he wasnt just crazy raged like the other, he was a plotting, evil kind of zombie type.

the other movie then, the first Pakistanian gore movie ever. and unfortunately, i could tell. i think the budget was probably 10 dollars, and for that they did their best i guess... i have to think some of the 'badness' was deliberate and ironic. they'd filled the movie with every possible cliché there is, the spreading virus, the weird family, the road-trip... but to have the main bad-guy to be a man wearing a burkha, wow thats neat. there were some hilarious moments, partly because of the bad acting and lines, but mostly i was in awe of how bad it was. it was totally worth the money though, ive never seen anything like that. a horribly acted and plotted gore movie, from a totally different culture. the good girl was a good muslim of course, and she felt bad for lying to her mother. the bitch-girl was obnoxious and spoke with an american accent as well as admired the states over her home country. about half of the movie was spoken in english, these kids and their accents...that was both uncomfortable and funny. because of the culture playing such a big role in the movie, it was so special. i recommend it as an experience.

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