August 24, 2007

i had to skip my first movie because i was so stressed out. work stuff...the shoot, just lots of things and too little time. now, with a cider (i have been drinking much less but todays friday!) and some deep breaths, and underwear shopping in eBay, im doing much better. i modified an important "how to" page on the website and im happy with the results, its much more customer friendly now. and last night i made a myspace site for this project. and i just talked with my boss, which in a tiny company like this is the CEO, and all in all things look pretty good again. its just fuckin hectic. every bug reported pisses the hell out of me, as a perfectionist of some sort i have hard time tolerating bugs... these things though are mostly mac related which proves how fucked mac is. i understand that macs have hard time when everything is PC based or originally designed for windows, but they should get their fancy ass gear to fuckin co-operate. period.

now, i think i am ready for movies. and IKEA tomorrow perhaps.

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