August 03, 2007

i had bought some mozzarella cheeze and sliced it, tomato and red onions and threw basil on top and that was my salad. i love raw onion. however i had trouble locating it in the store... they were 'fresh' or something, with the green things still attached... like, wtf? i almost didnt buy any. because it meant a whole new set of problems. i have to cut off the green things (fills my trash bin!) and then they're kind of moist and, what do i do, should they be in the fridge? confusing times.

Kev already pointed out that i didnt link the IKEA PAX-closet in my prev post. the one time i dont link something (because frankly i dont think the links are so important, its just a habit ive picked up, i love links), someone actually notices??

well but anyway, so far my shopping list for IKEA is: ( i know i am the only one interested and it makes me smile, i have thought about these things all day!)

1. new lamp (ceiling). i don't have enough light. and the ceiling is high which does not help. BAROMETER or CESIUM for example.
2. a new wall lamp, by my dressing table. MUSIK.
3. new shelf (i'm thinking BÄSTÅ in black brown and with TOMBO glass/aluminum doors note: you can decorate it yourself). this would replace my old stereo cart thing. but its black brown, and i have problems with that...i only use 'pure' colors in furniture. and the bookshelf next to it is black, i painted it. so do i paint this one too? uh huh.
4. new wardrobe, one of the PAX options, like this for example, in high gloss white. but there is so many options... it would possibly replace my drawer in front of which i have a mirror and where i do my hair. so how do i deal with that? put my hair stuff on the right side of the closet, on a shelf, and have a mirror door on the left side? or maybe i should just get a 50cm wide wardrobe and put a 50cm drawer next to it (the old one is too wide to fit), so i could keep my hair stuff on a table and the mirror on the wall. and then theres a the problem of light again, i dont have enough light in the part of the room, i would need to replace my bedside lamp which is fuckin old anyway, and maybe get a spotlight on the wardrobe?

getting such big furniture is scary. it will make the room completely different. and more full. but if i get some of my clothes off those chairs (the chairs are overflowing and some of the clothes are on the floor), it would be a relief.

but investments like this might mean no traveling again this year :( is furniture really worth it? my first instinct would be no, traveling comes first. but, here i am, writing down my IKEA shopping list...

i had to photograph my current 'wardrobe'. i think it looks like i have a lot of clothes. but unfortunately that is not the case, its just pretty much all my clothes. the two pale violet closets behind there are the only storage i got for clothing. okay its more than the average indian kid but we're not in india here.

here is there stuff i am letting go off. AV receiver/radio and cassette deck and cd player, now on sale... *sniff*

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