August 04, 2007

i just went and bought some books on a whim. from Amazon, naturally.

James Bond and Philosophy by J.B.South
oh James. for years now i've been thinking of going to study at the university, movie science as my minor, and then writing a thesis on James Bond. of "it's" relation to both pop culture and cultural anthropology (which would be my major). but that was besides the point, serious perspectives on the Bond phenomenon interest me, plain and simple.
Profit Over People - Neoliberalism & Global Order by N.Chomsky
same old ;) criticism on the current economy trends and the shift to authoritarian style in power and wealth distribution.
It's Not the Media-The Truth About Pop Culture's Influence on Children by K. Sternheimer media and violence and influence, another all-time favorite. well this is pop culture-heavy, which makes it interesting in another way.
Flesh Wounds: The Culture of Cosmetic Surgery by V.L. Blum
the way people mold themselves...brainwashed or not, is interesting. especially from a female point of view...
Bullshit and Philosophy by G.L. Hardcastle well. the title speaks for itself. apparently a somewhat pop culture approach to the subject.
Anarchism: From Theory to Subject by D.Guerin
i'm not for anarchy...but it is interesting.
Autopsy of a Suicidal Mind by E.S. Shneidman
apparently a pretty extensive psychological study on the topic, from the father of suicidology. what i'm looking for is the many perspectives the book is supposed to have on suicide.

jesus its past 5 and i am still thinking of my wardrobe. and that may sound vain but with that kind of a financial investment i think youre allowed to think about it... 5am is not bad but i promised F to meet up at noon. bah, i suppose i just have to give in an crawl to bed.

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