August 05, 2007

what a day. IKEA and the time before and after it. i'm just gonna go to sleep now, but this is my new shelf thing.

the doors are such that you can put whatever you want in there, on a display. i just ripped a few posters off my wall and put them there for now. i'm wondering tho if i should add whiter borders to the one at the bottom or cut off the borders of the other 2... or do nothing.

the wardrobe is fuckin huge. christ. and i didnt get some parts of it yet, they were out of stock. so i have the frame up and can add some of the shelves and so but it wont be finished until a few weeks.

but the new shelf with doors is awesome. i can put so much stuff in there and decorate the doors. i plan to make it mainly a photograph cupboard... my prints and so forth. and i need to buy that mini stereo system because im selling the old one. i found a good one (panasonic SC-PM15) but turned out the cassette deck didnt function. damn. for one of those things, that generally look totally crap, it looks nice. i didnt expect anyhting nice, but once i found this i really wanted it. anyway. so, i dunno what to do now, continue my search?

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