August 05, 2007

i am now fiercely looking for a working stereo set. that looks decent. after seeing that Panasonic its very hard to settle for much less. it turns out Panasonic made a whole range of stylish mini stereos but they're old and that means impossible to get. i should be more patient, i dont need it like this week or even next week...perhaps even next month. i can just wait and see if i find what i want... and of course, i havent yet visited any of the stores that sell old stereo equipment. but i have a feeling they might be asking for a lot more than private sellers... how much would i be willing to pay for a stylish mini stereo? *shrugs*

the girl who was selling the Panasonic stereo, which turned out to have a broken tape deck...i have to admit i was pretty upset she didnt bother checking that out *before* selling it. as i am pretty sure she really didnt know, when i met her. she seemed pretty embarrassed and offered us (F and i were there to pick it up) wool socks and stuff... i accepted to take a pair;

from IKEA, i also got a new set of utencils (called DATA). i have such old ones from the 80s and whatever... and theyre really ugly. so i gave myself the permission to update the situation.

and then i finally got myself a new shower curtain. the old one was sooo dirty and disgusting. but it served me many many years, too. this one from IKEA, 1,95e, is obviously shit quality, like the plastic u get from a hardware store... the old was was much thicker and clearer sort of...but those seem to cost at least 45 euros from what i could find. also i had the problem that the curtain rod is much higher than usual, standard size curtains are too short. and im not interested in making more holes into the tiles... anyway F was smarter than me, he suggested ijust add more curtain rings to adjust the length. which is what i did. i bought exactly 4 sets of rings and that was perfect :)

anyway so i have to go back to IKEA in a couple weeks to get the missing pieces for the wardrobe, and also i forgot a lot of things like new hangers etc. and i am still missing teh fuckin lamps! its seems like i just might be switching from bad to worse, or decent... filling my home with light might just require a few lamps more, one might not be able to do it. i am still going to go check other stores, like Bauhaus, for lamps, but in the end maybe i'll just get something, that looks okay, wish for the best and then get another, on the wall or something. i dont really have floor space to waste on lamps. and now im thinking of switching my white carpet as well. its pure white, which is rare. for a reason, it gets dirty within a week or so. but ive insisted on keeping it because i like white and especially in the bedroom area ive had white furniture and stuff. but maybe i should give in and get a colourful carpet that doesnt show the dirt quite so quickly? dark red, like my chairs?

i have 2 more days work and then 5 days off, from this job, at least. i have the other one which actually requires some work to be done, but at least i can decide when i do that. ishould actuallymake some plans regarding next week. but hey, its almost midnight and i get to go home!

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