August 19, 2007

i seem to be a little overstressed. yesterday, after sleeping, i felt fine for a moment. but in the evening the stress started to raise its evil head again. i was thinking of the work i have to do for the site and all. i am tired and dont want to do anything. but i have a zillion things i should do, i suppose. even watching trailers seems like a job (except for this one). and i usually love doing interviews but now i have 2 piled up and i dont want to think about them. filling a new wardrobe with clothes should be fun, no? chatting with friends should be even more fun, but i feel too tired.

i have been staring at the website for like 3 days in a row now. im starting to get enough. but i dont think next week will bring any consolation, the first week of heh. ill just slit my wrists right now, yes? then again i am happy to be on this project, in this job, i get to do so much more than usually, have a little more challenge and all that, and its a great way of seeing Arttu once in a while. i am such a fuckin whiner.

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