August 19, 2007

last night we went out for a few. what is few? F asked, so i made a count:
*3 ciders
*2 shots
*1 drink

and we left the bar at 10:30. i failed to fill the wardrobe and just fell to bed. looser.

Espoo Cine will keep me busy the coming week, and i only have work scheduled on monday, altho i am sure i need to work on the other job quite a lot too. this is getting confusing, work this and job that, how would i even know myself what am i referring to? i need to come up with a solution (recommendations welcomed). anyway i thought F and i could hold a small movie-marathon again, next wekek, in between the festival movies. like, when you're out to watch movies, you might as well go for it and do them 'all' at once. i just checked the other day, and i have a ton of movies on my 'to watch' list. and the list is just growing... a marathon is a handy way to deal with that.

oh, MacGyver is on TV :)

just another manic BUNDAYYYYYY...

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