August 18, 2007

new day. a sick one. but i think ill be alright in a sec, i had a major case of sneezing and runny nose but i think its just an allergical reaction to whatever. because allergy pills are easing it up.

so i went to my mom's...and on friday i went to work in Lahti, the website is starting to look decent but i have to work quite a bit this weekend to make sure everything is alright. and i need to ask friends to check the site out if they find any bugs or ...anything at all. the website is a service for viewing video material, and you pay for it with a credit card. when it comes to videos and that, people always have problems...i am not exactly excited thinking about all the possibilities... there could be a million reasons why a video wont show, but when its on a customers computer and they write customer service email about it, im going to try have to figure it out.

aaaanyway. i think im a bit stressed. ive had it so easy for really long now i guess, so now that i have some extra work and the refurnishing to keep me busy, i get stressed and anxious. last night i broke into a helpless cry when the phone rang as i didnt want to answer it. clearly thats when i knew i need a sedative. and maybe therapy too. but now, after a good night sleep, thanks to not going to work, i feel much better.

i should go buy groceries. i agreed to meet a friend in the evening. but besides work, i should seriously start filling my new wardrobe. i didnt get it to just stand there empty. i hope.

i got this email the other day, and this is the whole mail in its entirety...

i am designer graphic, i see your work . it is pretty work. i ahve also work abot my work ,would you like for contact and have friendly releation white me?

contact to me please"

yea. friendly relation, why not, wait you didnt introduce yourself. oh well. i didnt mean to sound too nasty, the person is obviously genuine, but i mean come on, are we going to be penpals or what... i just dont think this is going to work out :(

its annoying how Word 2007 saves files automatically in a format, that isnt compatible with the older versions. you have to specifically 'save as' a format that works in older versions. this is almost like Mac.

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