August 07, 2007

the stress. of being the middle of a process. not knowing which lamp ill get in the living room. or by the mirror. and today i decided my hallway needs a new lamp too :S i think soon the only lamp i'm not switching is the broken kitchen lamp. its a broken glass ball, and hence looks artistic. and broken. F fixed the doors to my wardrobe. but its still missing a lot. like handles. in Bauhaus i found a lot of nice ones and they cost from 7 to 13 euros a PIECE. so...umm, i skipped? :( but the stress, i dont like being in the middle of something, i want to finish things, have them done. ASAP. process is distressing and makes me loose my sleep at night. maybe process is a bad word.

i found a song i havent heard in years i think. it seems to be impossible to find, or even buy, as it was a single B-side a long time ago. Jacketless in December by DAD. i never listened to DAD other than that song. also i havent listened to Lords of the New Church in ages, 7, 8 years? i bought plastic storage boxes today and found a lot of old cd's while arranging them. its uncertainty. now knowing. having to wait ( i am impatient). i cant stand those. so, the process is painful. while i am excited, too.

the one thing IKEA doesnt really have now is plastic storage boxes. i mean they do, but they're all SHIT. like this one here. narrow at the bottom, widening to the top, and strange shape, not a box at all. i know see-through plastic isnt trendy anymore, but im totally hooked on it. i love both glass and plastic because i can see whats inside somewhere, or through it. the narrow/wide-box trend is so fuckin annoying... technically i understand its cos they want you to be able to pile them. but it doesnt have to be that extreme. and if i wanted to fuckin pile boxes....what? they're not a decoration item, i DO NOT want to pile them, i want to store shit in them. and its impossible when the boxes are so distorted. so i went to Etola to get my boxes. its great some still appreciates plastic. its great someones still behind others. its great someones still in the 80s.

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