August 07, 2007

yesterday i managed to sell the old stereo equipment in cheap, for sure, but i just wanted to get rid of it fairly easy, and they'd already served me for many years, its fair. the buyer will come pick it all up on wednesday.

i also have that shoot with Ella on wednesday, before she leaves for Scotland.

i've been eating red onions again. raw. a fixation.

today is a carpet day! i'll go look for carpets. rugs, really. last night was a disaster. i was supposed to go to bed early, but that plan usually fails. i slept like an hour.

fuckin customers cant speak. english nor finnish. both yesterday and today ive had loads of foreigners that just cant fuckin cmmunicate themselves. okay, so you come from africa or whatever and these languages are new to you. its not your fault, it just makes my work so difficult, id like co-operation. sometimes they even have a finnish friend in the background, i can hear em, but they want to (apparently) to try solve things by themselves. yea its good practise and its great youre independent but what if your fuckin problem doesnt get solved because u cant motherfuckin communicate?? give the phone to someone who speaks *something*. swedish, even. its frustrating when i cannot find out what the fuck they want or try to help them fix something. speaking slowly and clearly and trying to lead the customer by asking questions is futile when they try to explain themselves with something only remotely related to english or finnish. and of course, these people try to make the sentences as long as possible, and speak as fast as possible, as if they werent aware of the slight communication gap there... i dunno but for me if i absolutely had to speak german, i would try to make it clear and simple to get understood. yea so im frustrated. my point is, i understand you cant speak these languages well, but if you dont, either try to slow the fuck down and take it easy or get someone else on the phone.
i just fuckin hate communication problems... and sometimes it feels like F is speaking a whole other language too. no, not in the same way as these customers. but our relationship seems to be largely defined by communication issues. its been a huge challenge, to try understand what is the problem, why doent the sent messege get "decoded", either direction. quite amazing. we've come far, but its not easy because i can be bitchy (for example).

browsing my photos, i always come to see this as one of my fav shoots. Pau is an incredible model, i love her doll-like features. the shoot (almost 100 photos) is full of potential pearls. yet ive only published i think like 2 of them. oh dear, i hope to shoot her again one of these days.

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