August 12, 2007

weekend almost over. i got myself shoeshelves which so-so fit in my corridor and a new rug;

so project "refurnishing" is still under way... slowly but...

from friday;
some of the guys playing croquet. not play. anything. ever. but of course i need to include my feet in the picture.

and at the park i took this for dA (re: the post on thursday). i also managed to finally write a dA journal where i could put it. i write there so rarely it sometimes feels like a fuckin task. too bad. it shouldnt be that way.

work tomorrow, then a few days off. and i plan to go see my mom on thursday. F and i were invited to his parents summer house for this weekend actually but not only did i have other plans, my social skills dont last for that many hours. too much stress :( i am working next weekend so F can go alone then.

Sebastian came over today and bleached some blond streaks for me, and i then threw in some red. so, going for that red thing AGAIN... but this time really thin highlights only. and really thin actually because some of the hair was permanently lost (9% bleach, too long?). well, no visible damage as i do have plenty of hair, but mental scars yes.

"vielä jonkin verran"

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