August 20, 2007

work sucked ass today. it wasnt that special of a day, busy yea, but other than that... just another day. i was utmost pissed and tired of it all. i was wondering, if i can avoid this fuckin shit by taking some photos, why the fuck wont i? i have always wanted to keep a random job on the side, but its different if u work 1 or 4 days a week. 3 days/week was my schedule but now with the new job ive mixed the pack a bit. its about 2 and 2.

the wardrobe thing seems hard. its beautiful and i wanted it, but now, to fill it with clothes, to put them there and pick them from there in the mornings seems reeeally hard. i knew that, for sure. ive been using the open-pile concept as my wardrobe since i was like freakin 7 or 8, no lie. i always had a wardrobe of some sort, but half or most of my clothes have been in a fuckin pile. i didnt think id get rid of my pile with the new wardrobe, im not an idiot. but i figured that since the pile has overgrown to take up some floorspace too, and i dont really want my clothes on a floor... i could maybe try store part of them... uh, anyway, i was trying to explain F how hard it is to motivate myself to this change, when he reminded me that IF i fill the wardrobe, i will actually have more space to buy new clothes! now, thats a good selling point.

the website went online today. altho ive only been working on this project for like 2 months, it was great to see it happen. "it lives!" is a bit of fun. i went in there and put suzi9mm in. and straight away i got "The art of suzi9mm." well, then. is that a message? i never used the word art, i like to talk about my photos, or my pictures, even. pictures is good. its very descriptive and simple.

ive been watching Bachelor. (different seasons). i saw a part of an episode at work and thought it was hilarious. cheap reality-TV entertains me pretty easily. its great for turning brains off, it doesnt get on my nerve. i could take it as far as to say that it relaxes me. and i need that right now!

oh my make up table btw, or rather the lights above it. i think, after a few experiences, i like it. i will have to get white lamps though, yellow light doesnt give a realistic result. depends where u are of course, but i consider daylight a standard even if im not an outdoor person. so, i recommend IKEA's MUSIK -lamp. get away from that shady bathroom light, the results look fuckin horrible even if you've learned to put mascara on when you can barely see yourself in the mirror. get lightened! :) i love light. i think at home, in the 80s, we didnt have enough lamps or something, because i felt it was always too dark, in every fuckin room. i can remember my mom smoking cigarettes in the gloomy dim living room, maybe the TV giving a blue light shade to the corner of the room. i think i was traumatized, plus i was afraid of dark as a kid. so since i moved away ive been obsessed with having enough light.

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