August 15, 2007

yesterday i was woken up by the phone at 11, i wondered who the fuck dares to call me at that hpur but it was Simul whom we met in India. she was asking if she could come over in September. the schedule for applying Visa etc seems tights, but i really hope she can make it. she'd spent 2 weeks here, F and i would get to show her around and stuff...:)

i picked up my ministereo from the post office yesterday. i paid like 30e for it, incl shipping, so now i can play a CD or a tape once a year if i have the need... the speakers are light wooden color tho, so either i paint them black or just keep my old ones (i didnt sell them, they're not worth much).

and F installed me the new lamp by my make up table. (the middle part turns up and is a mirror). we need to install the glass shelves on the other side again as well, but not until the wardrobe is firmly in its place. the amount of light that comes out of this it is probably more than i need, but i liked the shape and design, the other of the old lamps was like falling out of the wall...(broken)...

now im off to my chiropractor... i finally have enough cash to go. my back gets so jammed and starts aching i need to go like twice every year or 2 yrs. so its not too bad, then, but finding the money always delays it and i suffer whilst.

the missing wardrobe things have arrived to IKEA so im wondering if we oughta go tomorrow or friday.

someone from my prev school (Helia) wrote me through Facebook. one of those fuckin networking sites. i think we were on some course together, not on the same class or anything. but i remember him well, a british guy i think (or scottish? there people get offended if u confuse those things). anyway him and some others (from school i presume) are goin out so he suggested i come as well. not a bad idea. i havent really been seeing anyone but Alex and Maria after school. which reminds me i havent been in touch with Maria in ages. *calls her* oh yea now i remember, it was german course, LOL, and were sitting next to each other and it was almost flirty. christ, how could i forget THAT.

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