August 15, 2007

my back is much better now. the chiropractor is an older american guy, and so his finnish accent is somewhat funny. he remembers me well altho i only go like once a year, since 6 years now, it seems. well, twice a year really because once i go, i need to go back in 2 weeks for the help to be more permanent.

i got really pissed as i havent been able to find white or pink exfoliating washing gloves anywhere. and ive been to several fuckin stores now. its always light blue or green. and today id had enough and bought the color ones from Stockmann. and as soon as i got home i went on eBay and there was one pink pair there, so yes i found em but its not like they're common anywhere. now im torn between using the light green ones or returning them. itll take about a week i suspect before i get the pink gloves. the green ones cost me 4,80e so if i'll use them for a week and have a shower every second day...that's how many euros per shower? do i really want them that bad? ive been wanting these gloves for MONTHS! okay so i was a fuckin idiot for not checking eBay right away but i would just fuckin assume that every department store has these things. and they did! but they were the wrong fuckin color! and i kept thinking they just ran out of the cool colors, or so it seemed looking at the empty shelves and price tags... and so i kept waiting and checking elsewhere. and in the process i got pissed. who would use these exfoliating gloves in blue, im just asking?? okay so i was an idiot and must suffer for it, and hence wait for that week or 2. no wait, does suffering mean to suffer financially? as in i have to suffer 4,80e for my stupidity i cant decide.

*off to IKEA*

writings on the wall. my favorite perhaps is the stop-sign with 'hammertime' under it...

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