August 15, 2007

to be honest im getting tired but i still have a lot of work to do. the website has to be ready next monday, more less, because the press got a hint about it and is asking. it doesnt need to be fully working then i guess, but enough to show off.

i had the electrician come over and move the electrical outlet so i could fit my wardrobe right next to the wall. i sold my old carpet and an air conditioner which i had, and they were picked up today. and F took me to IKEA where i was supposed to buy the rest of the things for my wardrobe. and i sort of did, but instead of buying the back-part for the bottom drawer, i bought another front-part... yup. well, i didnt get all the things i wanted anyway, they were again out of this and that... so ill be going back soonish and then get the drawer thing. i got pretty much everything else and now the wardrobe is ready to be filled. well, i need one inside drawer above the clothes rail...or something. fuckin thing, for being so big.

i also bought the lamps for my living room(CESIUM) and hallway(LEDING). and F put the mirror and lights above the white drawer which is now opposite to the wardrobe. 2x50W... if i dont have enough light to do my hair now, i never will... now i just need to learn to do my hair. because i never do. after all those years of not doing anythin...its hard to get into the hair-do business :( i really love those metallic lamps above the mirror, and they're not even from IKEA!

and i got the softest set of bedsheets ever, the other side cherry pink and the other rose pink. they're 100% cotton like pretty much everything is...but they're different...bit stretchy and just very soft. i was eager to buy other bedsheets as well but the fact is i already have too many. they dont fit in their designated storing shelf-area unless like 2 sets are in the washing machine queue.

i also made a compromise regarding the exfoliation gloves... i decided that since my dry exfoliation glove, which is not really a glove but a pouch, is so old and worn out, the light green ones could take its place. i need exfoliation gloves both in and outside of bathroom because theres no way im going to be moving them around and its never where it should be. tried and tested. and i just want to say that skin exfoliation has plenty of benefits, its great for your skin, out of all the fuckin things i learned in cosmetologist school, that was like one of the most important. even if you dont do much else, like use good creams and stuff, fine, but exfoliate!

aaand earlier today i got 3 belts, pink grey and black. ive been lacking on belts and today i fixed the situation.

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