September 23, 2007

last night i watched the 2nd season of the Mole (US), made the day better towards the end...

i dont know if today is better, maybe. 2 movies to go to tonight... cant remember which but i know where i have to be and when, isnt that enough? F should be coming over soon.

the highlight of the day has again been kitty photos. the kitties have gotten more than relaxed, i push the camera to their faces and poke them and whatnot but they dont give a shit, if they feel like sleeping no cameragirl is gonna wake em up. as for their nightly festives, the only solution, and rather easy one for me, is to just stay up at night. as long as i am up, they will stay calm. i went to bed at 6am, and left the lights on... it took em like 15minutes to realize its 'night' and the rowdy wrestling and racing began. and in a couple hours it was daylight time again and they calmed down. but F cant stay up until morning nor does he like earplugs so the problem is only solved from my part.

photo of the day

oh and well, my new shoes for the fall/winter... short ankle is great with skirts.

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