September 24, 2007

time slips by decently if i watch reality tv series. or snuggle with the kitties. or spend time with F. we were supposed to go to another movie tonight but by the time we got there i realized i forgot the tickets home (!!!). we couldve made it back to my place and to the movie in time, i think, but instead we just found ourselves something better to do. the movie was Smiley Face. hopefully i can catch it later. the movies last night, the other by Takashi Miike not less, were blah. boring.

HIM's new album Venus Doom sounds like the previous ones but worse. well, i have been thinking like that since the first one i guess, which i liked. no, the 2nd was actually nice too. but since then... i can listen to it but i get nothing out of it. i am not the target audience i guess.

i was discussing about reality TV with F. hes never been a big fan, but admitted to liking one season of (american) Survivors. as for me, i wouldnt call myself a fan either, but considering how much i have been watching them in the end... i ended up listing the reality series i watched at least half of
2 (seasons of) Bachelor
3 or 4 x Beauty and the Geek
3 0r 4 x the swedish 'The Farm'
8 or 9 x Americas Next Top Model
2 x Amazing Race (should watch more, its one of my all time favorites)
3 x Surreal Life
2x the Mole
Janice Dickinsons Modeling Agency
American Sex Star
Extreme Makeover

well ive forgotten half of them already... ill move on to watch the Biggest Looser now...

from a meeting like a week ago, re: the website project. i was the only one who didnt have a laptop with me...what an outsider. i just didnt need it. i never wear a suit either, and everyone else does. i am truly grateful that the world has developed to a point (here anyway), where a person can be taken seriously in business context even without a suit, appreciated for something beyond the suit. one of my preconditions for a job is that i can be myself, talk and look like me.

the city from above... Helsinki is fairly nice. spacy. not very big but not tiny either. well, in comparison maybe but lets not compare! rainy and sunny day... Arttu, Otto and me were having a drink in the top floor of the Sokos building, in restaurant Loiste.

"sexy mami"... err
Hermione penis chart
so is this the muslim porn i was looking for?
i AM at loss of words...

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