September 25, 2007

little kitty is a fan of shoes just like me.

my visa electron arrived in the mail today, with my photo of Tiitta. originally after i uploaded the photo, the bank replied with the copy paste note saying that the photo has been rejected because it "depicts public figure or figures"... right. i replied that the photo absolutely does NOT depict public figures, but my friend, and i have taken the photo, and if they do not want to accept the photo, they should make up another reason to reject it. i never got a reply, but the card obviously arrived. fuckin incompetent bank. a few weeks ago i applied for another photo on my main visa card. i got a rejection note via email, and a letter in the snail mail inviting me to pick the card up... i called them to ask which one is it. they checked at the office and there was no card waiting for me. okay, so i apply with another photo then. and again i get a rejection email and a real letter saying that my card is ready for pick up. i havent managed to call them during office hours to check if the card is really there but i doubt it... i am going downtown tomorrow so i guess i could go check for myself and give direct personal feedback immediately if the card isnt there. they really have their things confused with these photo-cards...

tonight we'll go see Risto at Vanha.

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